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Leadership Show Notes:

All Successful leaders have mentors
  • Alexander the great was mentored by Aristotle
  • Plato was mentored by Socrates
  • Thomas Jefferson was mentored by George Wythe
  • Warren Buffet was mentored by Benjamin Graham
  • AND Luke Skywalker was mentored by Master Yoda.
Problem – You don’t know everything about entrepreneurship, real estate, getting promoted, public speaking, raising a family, etc…We all have blind spots!
Solution – There’s people with wisdom and experience who can help you. And they actually enjoy it! Mentorship will create in your great leadership.
  1. Relationship
    1. Biblical method (older teaching the younger)
    2. Trades method (iron smith) Books versus learning from a master
    3. Today – scuba diving, Jui Jitsu, Flying a plane, piano, etc
  2. Retention (True learning)
    1. Expertise (Buying a rental property)
    2. Experience (Scuba Diving)
    3. Example (spending time together)
  3. Reproduction
    1. Paying it forward
    2. Servant Leadership at it’s core
Closing thought –
***How to find a mentor
1) Core principle – have several mentors
2) Core principle – keep it low pressure! Each relationship will look different. Don’t put mentoring in a box. Don’t look for the perfect mentor.
3) Think about the area you need wisdom in. Search your contacts. If you don’t have any, consider your contacts contacts and ask for a warm introduction.
4) Ask that person if you can buy them coffee to pick their brain about a subject. Go from there…