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Leadership Podcast Show Notes:

  1. Be Concise
    1. If I ask for the time, don’t tell me how to build a watch
    2. If you do I’ll avoid you and ask someone else
    3. If you do I’ll get lost in the details
    4. If you do you might waste both of our time…
  2. Be Clear
    1. Toss someone a soft ball, not a thousand grains of sand
    2. Use concrete language
    3. Use analogies, stories, or comparisons
  3. Be Compelling
    1. Character
      1. We don’t trust novices – Don’t claim to be an authority when you’re not
      2. We don’t trust hypocrites – make sure your manner helps your message
      3. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it…
    2. Competency – know what you’re talking about
    3. Call to Action
      1. Ask me what you think I should do
      2. Tell me what you suggest