Hi, I’m Dylan McCabe. Welcome to the Leader Journey community. I created this community as a platform to equip leaders for their unique journey. All of us are leaders in one way or another – if we influence the actions of others. Effective leadership is a “we” thing, not a “me” thing. Thus I aim to build a community of leaders who encourage and equip one another. Feel free to leave a blog comment or a social media insight to strengthen your fellow leaders.

My Content

For several years I’ve enjoyed learning about leadership. Combine that with a passion for communication and here we are. I created this platform to connect with leaders. It’s my mission to equip you so you can lead well and enjoy the journey.

I write about the core principles of leadership – character, vision, skills, and relationships. My hope is that we learn from one another, so please leave a comment when you read something that stirs you.

I also host a weekly podcast called “The Leader Journey Podcast.” I cover topics related to the Blog, so you can choose to read or to listen. It’s my joy to be on this journey with you –  during the commute, in the gym, or elsewhere. You can subscribe on iTunes by clicking here.

My goal is to walk along your side in this journey of leadership. I aim for absolute authenticity. Too many leaders are more concerned impressing others rather than relating to others. But if we are going to enjoy this journey, there’s no room for showmanship. We’ve all got a lot to learn.

I usually post three times a week. A blog, a podcast, and a quote or two on leadership. To get the latest content, subscribe to my email list. I’ll send the goods straight to your inbox. You can unsubscribe any time.

My Biography

I’m the VP of Operations at Jumpsix Marketing, a national digital marketing agency. We are a fast growing agency that loves to help our clients stand out in the right digital crowd.

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Before working at Jumpsix, I studied theology at Dallas Theology Seminary. And for my undergrad, I received a BS in Leadership from the College of Biblical Studies. I’ve always noticed leaders. Good ones and bad ones. I love learning about their stories and the impact they had on others.

I grew up in a broken home. As with many families, the marriage didn’t work out. I was raised by my mother in the Houston Texas area. As a kid I struggled terribly with school. I was always behind, always barely making it by.

Eventually, the teachers approached my mother and suggested a special class where I could learn at my own pace. I also struggled with sports, guitar, boy scouts, and a host of other interests. I never stuck with anything too challenging. Upon graduating high school I didn’t have a clue about where my life was headed. But a relationship with Jesus Christ changed all that.

I became a Christian in 2002 and received a love for people and a passion for leadership. I enrolled in a Bible College and graduated with a 4.9 GPA. (Not to brag at all but it’s amazing what happens when you find something you’re passionate about! Plus, teachers had told me all my life I had a learning disability). Now I’ve combined a love communication and a passion to walk along side other leaders. I sincerely hope I can add value to your life.

My Family

I married the woman of my dreams. And we have a wonderful little girl who is “our little princess.” I love being a Dad and the challenge to be a servant leader in our family. I couldn’t dream of accomplishing anything worth while without my wonderful bride at my side.

family christmas portrait

My Contact Information

Reach out! I’d love to connect. You can reach me via email, or connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

I can’t always give a quick response but I will get back to you.

My Vision

My vision is a community of leaders. I mean you and I challenging one another. Encouraging one another. Engaging one another for one simple reason – that we may all lead well and truly enjoy the journey.

Leaders face pressure. We deal with pressures from work. We combat inner pressures to succeed perfectly in an imperfect world. We grapple with family issues that perplex us. We need one another. We need wisdom. Followers can withdraw into an ocean of passivity…

But leaders charge ahead for what’s right and what’s good. Join me in this journey. I believe we will look back with satisfaction knowing our leadership was for the good and joy of others.