The Gun Control Debate Ignites in Orlando Shooting Aftermath- How Should we Respond?

Here’s my conservative, patriotic, gun owning, LTC possessing, response to the gun control debate. We must change the way we think about gun regulation. If we don’t, more innocent Americans will die.

Mass shootings will continue. The problem of evil is real. Whether you believe in Satan and God, Yin and Yang, or nothing at all – the fact remains that some people want to do terrible things to the rest of us. The Orlando Shooter was one of those people.

Political camps clamor for attention in the aftermath of this tragedy. People share posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Heated opinions swirl like debris in a tornado of emotion.

Blame is the name of the game. Liberals blame conservatives. They blame them for gun laws that allow anyone to purchase a fire arm. President Obama blames congress for stopping him from passing gun regulations. The NRA gets demonized as a cold hearted, self centered, group of gun-loving idiots.

Conservatives blame liberals for not getting the point. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” the NRA responds. Conservatives say liberals want to “take our guns away.” And liberals get labeled as lunatics who want to trash the second amendment.

In the midst of all this clamor, President Obama (a man of whom I seldom agree with) makes some interesting points. I was shocked to hear the logic behind his answers. Here’s Obama’s response to a gun store owner:


Here’s some staggering points from Obama’s response:

  • The FBI can flag someone as a threat and put them on the “no fly” list, but they can still buy a gun
  • People marked as ISIS sympathizers can walk into a gun store and buy guns
  • People who repeatedly visit ISIS websites can walk into a gun store and buy guns

So lets get this straight. You can make the “no fly” list because you’re flagged as a terrorist threat, but you can still buy a gun?

That’s like allowing convicted child molesters to work at your neighborhood daycare. That’s like allowing convicted thieves work in jewelry stores.

Listen, I’m a conservative.

I love the principles America was founded upon.

I deeply appreciate the Second Amendment.

I own a fire arm.

I’m an LTC carrier (License to carry a handgun). My name is in the database of the FBI, CIA, and a host of other Federal entities. Why? Because I have a license to carry a fire arm. And that brings incredible responsibility.

I had to take a class. I had to register with the state of Texas. I had to pass an exam. Now I own and carry (when I feel it necessary) a handgun.

But here’s the problem. Almost everyone else in America can own a gun too. Without training. Without passing an exam. Without doing anything other than showing some greenbacks to a gun store clerk.

Yet we need training and a license for anything important in this country:

  • You need a license to drive a car. To get that license you must pass exams – written and with an instructor. Why? Because there’s a responsibility you embrace when you get behind the wheel of a few thousand pounds of steel.
  • You also need a license…
  • To become a master plumber
  • To become a lawyer
  • To become a doctor
  • To become a teacher
  • To become a master electrician
  • To become a massage therapist!
  • To drive an eighteen wheeler
  • The list goes on…..

But you don’t have to pass exams or get any training to buy a gun. No exam. No instructor-lead training. No nothing. Just walk into a gun shop and pick your weapon of choice.

Even if you’re a known threat.

Even if you’re psychologically unstable.

Conservatives will cry out and say, “The government wants to take our guns away!” Unfortunately, this emotional assertion finds grounding neither in logic or reality. That’s like saying if you ask people to pass a driving exam, next you will want to take their cars away. Yet most Liberals do no better.

Liberals will say, “If we were like England we would not have this problem!” Well, the problem with that is England has a violent crime rate that’s horrendous. Plus, the bad guys still buy guns illegally. Yet the rest of the public can’t.

England is often touted as a shining example of a place where guns are banned and it’s working great for everyone. But that’s a myth. Since banning guns 1997, violent crime in England has spiked. Consider this data by


According to this graph, after banning firearms violent crime spiked along with firearm crime. Banning guns didn’t help. Take a look at the next chart which shows an immediate spike in violent crime in England after banning guns:

violent crime in England since banning guns

Banning guns doesn’t stop criminals, it emboldens them. Banning guns leaves the innocent defenseless against determined murderers, thieves, and other law breakers.

So how should we proceed in the gun regulation debate?. Banning guns won’t work. Neither will allowing possible terrorists to buy guns work either.

Here’s what we could do, if Republicans and Democrats actually worked together on this issue. Yes, work together rather than demonizing one another and creating a massive chasm of division. Here’s three implications from the great gun debate.

1) We Need Greater Gun Regulation

Yes, we should prevent ISIS sympathizers from buying guns. We should prevent people on the “no fly” list from buying guns. We should change gun regulation so that only law abiding, America respecting people can buy fire arms. Even FOX News host Bill O’Reilly agrees with stricter gun laws: (Skip to 3:32 for his take on stricter gun laws).


It’s too easy for anyone to buy a gun. Period. Regulations don’t hurt law abiding citizens. But they will effect the lawless.

We have regulations such as no drinking and driving. You can drive a car. You can drink. You just can’t do both. It’s a regulation. It doesn’t bother me a bit. Why? Because loving my neighbor means I don’t get drunk and then go for a joy ride in my truck. I could kill someone. The regulation is a good one.


2) We Should Arm Ourselves (in my humble opinion)

We live in America which means we have a right to own and bear arms. That’s because we were once ruled by England. Our founders threw off the bonds of oppression and formed militias. Those militias needed weapons. After they won our Independence they made laws and regulations. One of those is the right to own and bear arms. It’s our Constitutional right, and it’s there for good reason.

Here’s why I believe we should use this right, especially in today’s world:

  • Mass shootings will continue
  • Maniacs will continue their public shootings in schools, hospitals, clubs, etc.
  • Extreme Muslim groups are already in the US and have extensive training camps
  • Even increased regulation will not stop all criminals
  • In a mass shooting you will either be a helpless victim, or someone who can stand and fight
  • I don’t like the idea of being a sheep in the midst of wolves…do you?

The simple truth is this: You are either a helpless victim during a mass shooting, or you’re someone who can do something about it. We already know from England’s crime stats that taking away guns only helps the criminals.

During a mass shooting I have taken responsibility as an American, a husband, and a father, to carry a fire arm. I don’t want to be a sheep in the midst of wolves. I also don’t want to kill anyone. But if it’s a choice between them or me – it’s an easy choice to make. If it’s a choice between a maniac mowing down a crowd, or me pulling out my fire arm to defend myself or my family – it’s an easy choice. But we need training first.

3) We all need training on Active Shooter Swarming

There’s no situation where one or two people should be able to rule a group. Especially a group of ten, twenty, or one hundred other people. It’s pure fear. Yes, we should learn how to do something about it. Yes, it means putting your life on the line for others. It means being a hero. It means courage. Here’s a video that show how to swarm an active shooter and save the lives of those around you:


Does this solve the gun control debate? Absolutely not. But I’d rather focus on solutions instead of spewing venom one everyone who thinks differently than I do. The great gun control debate will continue.

I plan on doing all I can to keep myself and my family safe. What will you do? Comments welcome.