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Show Notes

Those who possess integrity
  1. Practice what they preach (HONESTY)
    1. Bill Clinton – when integrity is missing – now we don’t trust him
    2. time with family VS work
    3. treating others with respect
    4. Honesty with family and work
  2. Place Principles above People
    1. When people are big and principles are small- you’re political
    2. When principles are big and people are small – you’re a person of integrity
    3. Willing to do what’s right…no matter the consequences
    4. Willing to stand against what’s wrong no matter the consequences
  3. Shine like diamonds
    1. They are rare – draw near to them
    2. They don’t have surprises – nothing shameful hidden in secret that would tarnish their reputation
    3. Let me qualify on shame and faults (actor VS human)
Make it Personal:
  1. What about you – do you know anyone who fits this mold? I do. My mentors.
  2. What about you? Will you be a person of integrity?
    1. At the core it means deciding on the kind of life you want to live – the kind of character you want to have. Then going for it. Pursuing that life. Pursing that character. Pursuing that way. It mean deciding that who you are matters and that it makes an impact on those around you – especially your family members.
    2. Integrity means taking the moral high ground because it’s the right thing to do.
With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. “With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt.” Zig Ziglar