Leadership Skills For Success

*From the Book The Leadership Moment by Michael Useem

1) Decision Making Skills

“A leader’s credibility can be defined as the authority to make binding decisions based on a record of having made them well before.” – Michael Useem

Dodge made the decisions on where to land, how to approach the fire, and to drop supplies. His decisions led the men to approach, change course, then flee. By the time he made a decision that could have saved their lives, it was too late.

Take away: If you have a track record of making poor decisions, be prepared to have your leadership questioned.

  1. Make informed choices (Do your research)
  2. Leverage others

2) Communication Skills

“Probably most damaging to Dodge’s credibility was a management style that fostered little two-way communication. Wagner Dodge was a boss of few words, a person who neither expected much information from his people nor gave much in return.” – Michael Useem

Take Away: “If you want trust and compliance when the need for them cannot be fully explained, explain yourself often. Being a person of few words might be fine in a technical position, but it is a prescription for disaster in a position of leadership.” – Michael Useem

  1. Communicate often
  2. Communicate clearly
  3. Tell Stories

3) Relationship Skills

Wagner Dodge was a solo operator. But what if he had taken time to win the trust of his men prior to their jump? What if Sallee or Rumsey had followed him into the ring of protection? There’s strong evidence to support the notion that the others would have followed suit. The phycological desire to conform is proven by the Asch Experiment. 

Take Away: Investing in relationships is the difference between life changing leadership and leadership that fails. If you want to lead well, build a culture where individuals thrive as vital parts of the team.

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