Prayer for Financial Peace

Lord, you know my thoughts. You know what weighs on my mind. The thought of money stands prominent in my mind like a mountain among little hills. I think about the future. I think about our needs as a little family. As a young father I think about child care, bills, college, savings, and giving to support Your Kingdom work. For some reason it’s easy to focus on what brings fear and worry. At times worry grows like a thorn bush and chokes out more virtuous thoughts like hope, truth, and Your sovereignty.

I think about opportunities at work. Opportunities to make more money. Security! Safety. Comfort. Oh what strength money can bring…

What a lie.

Your Word says not to worry. Your Word says I should consider the birds of the air. They neither sow nor reap, and yet You feed them. Am I not more valuable than they are? Several years ago, I drew a little finch sitting on a branch to remind me of this. Every time I look at that little bird I think how silly it is to worry about these things. And then I focus on Your truth.

Truth is, You have always provided for me. Ever since I began this path of walking with You, I’ve never lacked in necessary provision. In fact, You have given me much more than I needed. And many times, more than I even considered.

You provided a college ministry when I became a Christian at twenty two years old. Then You provided a friend and mentor in the college pastor. He came along side me to help learn about theology, preaching, and how to live the Christian life.

You provided guidance on attending Bible College. And even when I stopped attending classes to pursue my own ideas of “ministry,” You guided me back. Then, You provided through a generous business man to pay for my education, books, and all my needs. He paid for my college education. You also provided me with learning responsibility because I had to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

You provided in my move to Dallas. I drove to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. I relocated to Dallas with no money for rent, no money for tuition, and no money for bills. I went with faith alone. The only income I had was a part time job doing security at a church. Then, You provided the perfect job as apartment manager at Washington Hall. Overnight, You took care of my rent (which was free), my tuition (free for full time DTS staff), and a salary. That was an amazing day!

You provided for life changing work at Point of View Talk Radio Show. Before getting hired there, I never really cared about current events. The political world seemed like a necessary evil to me. Yet, like most Christians, I lacked knowledge of what Your Word taught on these things. Then I realized Your Word says a great deal about economics, politics, money, government, leadership, society, etc. I became acquainted with men like Daniel, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, and others who had positions, not in pulpits, but in government office. Another life changing chapter in my life was lived.

You provided for me with a wonderful wife! And a lovely little girl – and one on the way. This little family is the most precious thing I have on earth.

You provided when I prayed for a career that was entrepreneurial. I met some Christian entrepreneurs. We tried selling an app for restaurants. The venture utterly failed. But the company shifted to another business. This business was internet marketing. It took off like a rocket. After about a year I prayed that You would make me a part of their corporate team. And You did!

I could go on. But all this time, You have provided. You have been faithful.

Sure, there are many prayers that have gone unanswered. But as a father, I know all to well that just because something looks good, it may not be. My daughter constantly reaches for things that can hurt her. Or, they might not be best for her. As my Father in Heaven, I can see how You have guided me away from things that were not in Your will. And I’m glad they didn’t work out!

And Lord I know all of these thoughts about money are driven by fear. I grew up poor. I watched my mother struggle to provide. I watched as she struggled each week with a car that often didn’t start. She worked two, sometimes three jobs to put food on the table. What a mom!

I also know we are fine. We live in a great neighborhood. We have enough to pay bills, have nice things, pay for education, etc. Whatever new expenses come our way, You will provide. You always have.

And I think about what money can’t provide. Money can’t provide the most valuable things in life. It can’t provide closeness with my wife. Money can’t give me a healthy relationship with my daughters. Money can’t give me friends, a good attitude, a strong work ethic, or a loving heart. I know plenty of miserable rich people. Strange how this truth gets pushed aside as I drive the pretension-laden streets of Dallas Texas.

I think of the disciples- especially Peter. He and his friends went out to fish all night. They came back empty handed. Then you asked them to cast the net on the other side of the boat. I bet Peter raised his eyebrows and shot the other guys a glance of amused skepticism. But he did as You said.

The net was full of so many fish, Peter had to call out to other fishermen to help pull it in.

I want to lead my family well when it comes to thinking about money. Money – not something to be hoarded in fear. But a tool. A tool to provide opportunities. And a tool to help others. Lord, help me think this way every day.

You are sovereign. You are good. I need to trust You. Again and again and again. You love me and my family. And for someone like me who is prone to worry, I need to anchor myself in Your love.

I know that even if I had ten million dollars, I would still be concerned about how to keep it and grow it….

But your grace is sufficient for this imperfect son of Yours. And I’m thankful I have Your wisdom, Your love, and Your Words to watch over me. It’s silly when I think about it. I’m going to go my way now with more peace and confidence.

Thank You Lord Jesus